Loco Sportswear was formed in 2013 after noticing a lack of suppliers in the market providing elite apparel solutions that properly catered to the unique requirements of the Australian sporting community. Our team have over 25 years’ experience in custom technical apparel at all levels; we have provided on-field solutions for many professional Australian clubs and delivered merchandise and retail programs for a host of major international events. But most importantly, we have created some truly bespoke merchandise ranges for thousands of local teams across the country, offering every single club the same attention and care that we pride ourselves on.

We are currently a proud partner of AFL Victoria and Preferred Supplier to 6 Regional Offices: AFL Barwon, AFL Central Murray, AFL Central Victoria, AFL North East Border, AFL South East and AFL Wimmera. These partnerships are the results of our dedication to local footy and netball, and we continue to nurture these relationships to help develop grassroots sports. In 2018, Loco Sportswear’s fully owned subsidiary, Matevents Pty Ltd, was the Master Licensee for the 2018 Commonwealth Games Gold Coast.


Our aim is to bring world-class performance apparel to your club or team, regardless of the level you’re playing at. But even more importantly, we pride ourselves on the dedicated and informed service that we can offer, whether you’re chasing premierships or gearing up for your first ever game. We are proudly focused on the Australian Football and Netball communities, and are continually using our expertise to innovate and evolve our products in these sports. Drawing on our experience in providing apparel across 35 different sports, we are proud to apply new technologies from around the world to not just our Football and Netball apparel, but also applying them to technical garments across a vast array of sports.

Product Quality

Our experience across the international sporting landscape is what sets Loco apart. The team at Loco have been involved in elite level apparel in all corners of the globe and continue to supply full-range apparel to elite AFL and Netball academies, and we have drawn on this experience to integrate cutting-edge technologies into our products for all levels of sport. Not only do we draw on our experience, but we are always evolving. We are continuously refining our range, researching and exploring new fabrics and technologies to ensure our quality is unbeatable.

Individual Attention

At Loco, we want to honour your club’s own unique history and character, which is why we provide fully bespoke outcomes for every single team that we supply. We view apparel design as a team effort and look forward to working with clubs to understand exactly what it is that you need. Our team are committed to providing quick and reliable communication to help bring your apparel project to life, and remain focused on ensuring that the entire process remains as simple and stress-free as possible, with this same mantra for every single team we supply.

We also have many tools to help you organise your order, including:

  • Specialised size charts for every single Loco garment.
  • A Loco fabric colour swatch with over 200 standard colours to help ensure your garments are the exact colour required.
  • Sophisticated order tracking to provide clarity of the order status at any point along the production timeline.
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Manufacture & Supply

We understand that fast and accurate manufacture is all important, which is why we ensure our production team are the best in the business. Our visual concepts are created by our own in-house designer, which means you can see your design the very same day you request it. All of our production runs to our guaranteed four-week turnaround, so that we can take your garment from an idea to reality within one month. Also, to ensure you receive exactly what you asked for, we have a two-stage quality control check. All garments must pass an initial quality inspection at our factories before shipping to our warehouse. Once they arrive, our warehouse team sort each delivery and inspect the orders for accuracy a second time, to ensure you receive your items exactly as ordered.


The team at Loco are event merchandise and licensing experts, having been engrained in the sports and events industry for the past three decades. Among us, we have helped deliver retail and licensing programs for global events across multiple continents, most recently including the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (under our subsidiary MAT Events) and the inaugural ATP Cup 2020, held across Brisbane, Perth and Sydney.

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