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Loco Sportswear operates all event licensing and retail programs under its subsidiary brand, MAT Events.



Worldwide Event Retail Specialists


The team at MAT Events are event retail experts, involved in the sport and events industry for the past three decades. Among them, they have experience in leading operations for multiple international events, including the Olympics, Rugby World Cup, European Championships, Confederations Cup and the America's Cup.


In addition to this, our team have been heavily involved in Australian sports events over those three decades, including long spans working on national licensing and retail programs for Australian cricket, rugby, football, motor sports and horse racing.


MAT Events was awarded the Master License for the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, as well as providing all retail operations for the Games, including online, storefront and at-venue outlets.


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Full Event Retail Suite.


MAT Events can provide all operations independently, from the beginning of the design stage through to the physical implementation of the retail program.


We have access to a broad range of resources that we can provide to deliver a seamless retail operation.


Our resources include:


Licensing | Garment/Graphic Design | Apparel Production

Distribution | E-Commerce

Shopfitting | Recruitment and HR | POS Implementation


For information on how MAT Events can help deliver your licensing and retail programs, please email info@matevents.com.au





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